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Would you like a kitchen, but you have space problems ?
Do you have a seaside home or mountain chalet ?
Do you own a cottage, or a Bed and Breakfast or other accommodation ?
Do you need to furnish a tourist apartment or a studio for students ?
Or, do you need to equip a tavern or a terrace for parties with friends ?


Whatever you need, you have come to the right place!

What you're looking for is called a Mini kitchen: the practical answer and more convenient to your needs, to cook as you always have in a smaller space.

We produce custom pocket kitchens and traditional kitchens; kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, studio kitchenettes, small kitchens, kitchen blocks, outdoor kitchens, compact kitchens, kitchens for small spaces, and small office kitchens.

Are all built-in kitchens when closed, making your home’s furnishings pleasant and elegant.
The Mini Kitchens allow you to make the most of the available space while retaining all the traditional kitchen conveniences and services.


Here is an example of how they are made internally:

Small and Practical

The standard dimensions are: L. 140-H 220 – PROF. 65 but you can personalize it with your dimensions.

Strong and Functional

Created with high-quality hardwood. It contains the appliances you need!

Custom made

You choose the model, measurements, colors and accessories. Design your dream mini kitchen!


Our Mini kitchens are small, functional and adaptable to all spaces because they are made to measure, with solid wood, also based on your needs and requirements to ensure quality and durability.
It is also convenient to use because in very little space you will have everything at at hand.

Within them you can choose to install the following appliances: oven or microwave, hob (induction, gas and glass ceramics), dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, engine hood and drainers.

The dimensions and colors (of interior/exterior) you can customize as you wish.

Delivery of the finished product up to your door (throughout Italy, including the Islands and abroad).

Click here to see photographs of our models to choose the most appropriate for you and send us a request through the form on this page.

Click on the images and choose your model!

Choose and add the following options:
LED lights + power supply / Towel hangers
Iroko Cutting Board / teak recessed sink cutting board Kitchen accessories bar
Trash bin / microwave on support


Now you know that the quality of our mini kitchens is indisputable.
Choose your model from the many available; don't let this opportunity slip away now that you're here!

Ask now for a free quote now by filling in the form on this page.
Specify your requirements in detail (space available and distance from water and gas attachments).
If you want, you can also attach a map or drawing of where your future Mini kitchen will be.
Write to us now; an expert will respond as soon as possible.



Read the review from the article "5 solutions for a kitchen... as small as this! "
by the editorial staff of Homify:

Se pensavate di aver visto tutto è arrivato il momento di ricredervi. La soluzione proposta da LA BOTTEGA DEL FALEGNAME ha dell’incredibile, la cucina infatti è nascosta in un armadio!
Una comunissima dispensa dallo stile country, in legno sbiancato e con quattro ante a fisarmonica per metà in trasparenza, racchiude una vera e propria cucina rustica, completa di ripiani, cappa integrata, paraspruzzi, piano i cotto, fornelli, lavello, frigorifero e forno! Ci avreste mai pensato? Il tutto in 220 cm di larghezza, altrettanto di altezza e 75 cm di profondità, e quando la cucina non dovrà più essere utilizzata basterà chiudere le ante per nasconderla! Geniale, non credete?
Dello stesso genere della prima questa mini cucina è ancora più caratteristica. Costruita con tavole di castagno da recupero, presenta delle dimensioni ancora più ridotte. Misura infatti solo 130 cm di larghezza e 65 di profondità, ma ciò nonostante è provvista di tutto. Fornelli e lavello sono minuti ma funzionali, le ante nascondono ripiani e portaoggetti e un gioco di mensole permette di organizzare tutte le stoviglie.
Immaginate di dover arredare una piccola casa al mare o in montagna, non sarebbe divertente come soluzione per la cucina?


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